Book Production Division

Biographies, memoirs, autobiographies, novels, corporate histories – we can help you write and publish your book in print and digital formats, guiding you from the synopsis to the bookshop shelf or the screen.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, guru or business leader with an inspirational story. Maybe your life is a tale of triumph over adversity. Some simply want to leave a memoir recording their life and work for future generations.

At Thorogood Publishing we have the experience and expertise to make your book a reality at very reasonable cost.

Writing consultancy service

An initial consultation helps you through the process of creating a structure and synopsis for your book. You can then choose to extend this service throughout the writing process, chapter by chapter, as required.

Book editing service

We take your draft book (or sections thereof) and rework in collaboration with you, adding, reallocating or removing content as required to produce a professionally edited manuscript ready for publication.

Ghostwriting service

We could even write your book for you. It begins with a series of interviews with you, the author, from which an outline and manuscript are produced. A first draft is presented to you, the client, and any amendments or additions are worked through in collaboration, ensuring the book carries your voice.

Publishing service

We can publish your book for you, putting it through the necessary editorial, design, typesetting and printing processes to ensure a thoroughly professional end product which can then be available to you for private circulation or more widely through a variety of retail stockists.

Corporate History Service

A corporate history on a company’s website or in print, outlining the people and events that have shaped the business, can go a long way to forging closer bonds with clients and employees. At Thorogood we can take your dusty archives and personal stories and turn them into readable, interesting copy for a website or a book.

Whatever our level of involvement with your book or website, Thorogood has the capability to publish, market and promote your story in a variety of print and electronic formats. We ensure that your copyright position is secure throughout and that you benefit from any commercial exploitation of the material available including overseas sales and translation rights.

These services are operated as part of Thorogood Publishing Ltd’s Book Production Division, which has the knowledge, experience and expertise to undertake any or all of the stages of publishing for third parties – who wish to exploit their material or expertise – to produce books or periodicals in book, e-book, loose-leaf or indeed any other formats.

For further information contact Angela Spall via our contact form or call us on +44 (0)20 7749 4748.