BigBlueButton support

Our webinars are delivered via BigBlueButton, a fully web-based platform that should require no download or setup. (Please note a modern web browser is required, eg Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

We strongly encourage delegates to please connect to the webinar in advance of the scheduled time (the link will be available in the My Webinars section of your account approximately 1 week before the course) to confirm they are able to connect, and use audio and video. This allows time for you to resolve any issues and ensures the course starts smoothly on the day.

Audio connection

Audio is straightforward and almost all delegates connect immediately without issue. But if you have have problems - particularly if you have not used audio and video in your web browser before - please review the following connection and troubleshooting procedures.

Initial connection

Connecting to the webinar will show this audio test; when connected successfully this will allow you to hear your voice through your speakers or headset:


Click Connect with microphone; depending on your security settings, your browser will prompt you for permission to use your microphone:

If you do not see this prompt, click on the padlock (next to the URL) to confirm you have not previously denied this. If so, you can remove the restriction and try again.

Depending on your browser, after changing this, you may need to either rejoin the audio by clicking the Telephone icon to disconnect audio; then again to reconnect (as per the audio test above); or, reload the webinar in your browser (F5 or ⟳ button).

Audio source

If you have multiple audio sources - eg you have a headset plugged in to your laptop (which also has a microphone and speakers built in) then your browser may not know which one to choose. Resolve this by clicking 'No' in the audio test, where you will then be able to choose which to use:

Click OK then to return to the audio test to repeat. (Alternatively you may want to change the preferred audio device in your OS sound settings)

Camera sharing

Clicking the share camera button will show the camera preview:

Similar to the audio settings, your web browser may again ask you to confirm permission to share; see above for details.


Please ensure you have granted microphone and camera permissions to your browser; if you mistakenly declined them you will get an error and will need to resolve with using the padlock button/icon as shown above. If your organisation uses a security proxy or browser isolation service (eg ProofPoint), be sure to exit the isolated environment so that our URL appears in your main address bar. 

In a few cases, your computer may have security settings or software that prevent your web browser (or other software) accessing your camera or microphone; or to let you see the presenter's camera or shared screen (this is more likely to happen with equipment issued and managed by your organisation).

One way to confirm this is connect to the webinar with another device - eg your personal laptop, or your smartphone or tablet. Whereas a mobile device is not the preferred way to attend the course, this is a good way to narrow down any problems - if you can connect successfully with it, there is likely something blocking it on your usual computer.

In this case, please ask your IT department for help - they may need to know that:

  • Our servers are ( and ( - (either server may still be used regardless of whether you are attending a Falconbury or Management Forum course)
  • BigBlueButton uses WebRTC for media streaming - this is the same way other browser-based audio/video platforms (eg using the web browser versions of Zoom or MS Teams) work. Ensure your security software is not blocking WebRTC.

If you are still unable to resolve connection issues, please contact us prior to the course so we can help resolve it beforehand.