About IPI Academy

Who are we?

International Professional & Industry Academy (IPI) is an international leading professional training organisation based in London. Our training solutions provide a return on your investment with measurable results, and are delivered by experienced professionals and managed with exceptional care and attention.

What do we do?

With our network of over 1,000 carefully selected and internationally renowned presenters, trainers, consultants, global industry leaders, authors and training partners, the IPI Academy delivers an all-encompassing international skills training and development service.

  • We specialise in developing the skills and technical expertise of individuals and teams across a diverse range of organisations.
  • We work closely with large, small, public and private, domestic and international companies to provide solutions across many industries.
  • We offer many different delivery options
    • Live online training including 90 minute High Impact courses, 1-3 hour long Masterclasses, 1-,2- or 3-day Focused training courses, and Intensive training courses running over 4 or more days.
    • Self-paced online learning which can be done in your own time
    • Face-to-face seminars
    • E-books relevant to your role or industry
    • Coaching
    • Consultancy
  • In addition, we offer tailored programmes in-house as well as coaching support and event management solutions within global organisations on an international scale.
  • Our events are designed to be highly practical and interactive, maximising the breadth of our speakers’ experience and knowledge. A particular focus on using hands-on teaching methods including highly specific case studies and examples allow delegates to ‘dry run’ skills and techniques with an industry professional before applying them in your own professional setting.

Why choose us?

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality professional development options within your profession or industry.

  • Striving to offer the latest topics and cutting-edge information in a variety of ways to suit our customers and their budget
  • Connecting you to top professionals within your industries to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience
  • Giving you the best opportunity for learning, engaging, sharing and networking with the very best
  • We consistently score highly on customer satisfaction
  • We have a dedicated team behind the scenes to ensure our customer service exceeds your expectations

Our partners in making this happen

We seek to work with companies that share the same passion as us: delivering top quality training and information across the globe.

Some of our partners include:

  • Falconbury and Management Forum who have consistently delivered exceptional training services. For many years they have put on professional conferences, seminars and in-house courses in a range of sectors including life sciences, intellectual property, legal, HR and management – all with an astounding customer satisfaction rate.
  • Thorogood Publishing is an independent publisher of books for business. They aim to publish authors with a proven track record in their fields, and the books produced are accessible, practical and of immediate value.