International business negotiations - knowing the culture

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, we are entering a negotiation mega-fest. Not just with the EU, but eventually with all our actual and potential trading partners. This is not just at government level either, as companies themselves will have to ‘soup up’ their negotiating skills.

I am reminded, therefore, of what a brilliant book our World Business Cultures – a handbook really is. It not only has received critical acclaim, but it is an invaluable practical source of insights to ensure you understand how best to deal with your overseas counterparts.

Add to that our Speak the Culture series for more general in-depth cultural savvy and you’ve got value-rich information to supercharge your cross-border communication skills.
This is the proper way of going about things, unlike Russia’s foreign ministry which back in March caused much hilarity with its guide on how to behave abroad – an example from which was in The Times and advised Russians “not to use insulting gestures often seen in Hollywood films”.

They should be buying our books – translation rights are available. By negotiation!

Published on May 11, 2017 by Neil Thomas