Making your HR make a difference

If the question these days in business is: what’s the difference between ordinary HR and outstanding HR ? – then the answer is: a successful company.

It is absolutely crucial that HR works for your business at every level. That’s why Falconbury has rightly developed a striking suite of programmes to ensure just that.

I was talking the other day to a very high-powered HR professional who had been parachuted into a major (and I mean gi-normous) US pharma company to change the way they approach leadership development throughout their business, throughout the world.

They wanted to focus on that aspect as part of their approach to the problem of Managing and Developing Talent (Falconbury course – next outing 18-19th May 2017), particularly as the whole issue of managing talented employees is an area of key current concern, just as it is for so many companies in all sectors.

Clearly then, that’s an example of one company that has grasped the importance of the Strategic Management of Human Capital (Falconbury course – next outing 7-9th June 2017), but she acknowledged that to perform well in HR these days at senior levels, you have to have significant consultancy skills.

It just so happens that Developing High-Performance HR Business Partner and Consulting Skills (Falconbury course – next outing 11-12th May 2017) will give HR executives insights into how to make sure HR has maximum impact in an organisation by enhancing those skills for key HR executives who attend.

And so that HR isn’t seen as all ‘chiefs’, then Falconbury’s courses The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant (27th April) and The Core Skills of an Effective HR Officer (16th May) will ensure that key members of the HR team have their knowledge refined and developed in order that they play their part to the full and develop their own talent!

Your organisation needs you to have the best possible HR skills (and the same goes for you yourself and for your own career in HR).

Published on Feb 27, 2017 by Neil Thomas