Leadership: Made in China?

Your hawk-eyed Falconbury investigator (actually bleary-eyed blogger is more accurate) is constantly on the look out for the latest management trend. It seems that ambitious Chinese parents are booking their toddlers (yes toddlers) into the Guangzhou ‘Leederedu’ school, which is holding ‘chief executive’ courses and classes in ‘leadership abilities’ for children as young as three years old at the princely sum of £5,700 per year. Not to be outdone, apparently, the Shenyang Early Education Centre is targeting babies aged up to six months to become ‘management trainee’ pupils. For those of you out there who feel they might have missed out on such fabulous ‘early years’ opportunities, don’t despair: Falconbury’s Mini-MBA course can put that right. Rest assured we will not be encouraging toddlers or babies to attend, unless some tiger mother/father takes advantage of our ‘early booking discount’ and interprets it too literally to book a place on our courses to be held beyond, say, 2040! Neil Thomas November 2016

Published on Nov 30, 2016 by Neil Thomas