Digital v. Print

In publishing, the ebb away from print books to digital e-books looked irreversible. Until now, that is, when the flow is the other way; print book sales are increasing faster than digital e-book sales.

This change is happening in marketing as well, as digital marketing can’t always reach the parts that traditional direct mail can.

In online training courses, too, it is dawning on more and more people, that in many instances, it is easier to assimilate information in print form. Not only that, but often it is more convenient to take paper products with you to use on the train or plane, in a hotel or at home, than it is to get the laptop out.

In schools, where an increasing use is made of online materials, pupils are encouraged to print out key topics from the wider internet or from bespoke resources and retain them in print form, for later reading, referral and revising.

So, where am I going with this blog?

Simply this: Falconbury has products that are designed to be used in digital OR print form, OR BOTH. With our online courses, you can take the same approach as you would if you were driving a hybrid car – switching from petrol to electric for best advantage.

With our courses, you can do all or part online, OR all or part in print OR A MIXTURE OF BOTH.

Hybrid courses, then to use to your best advantage.

NB, most other courses are confined to online only and some print only. Falconbury can give you the choice of both.

Check out our online courses now!

Hybrid digital and print courses – available on screen AND on the page

Neil Thomas
April 2016

Published on Apr 14, 2016 by Neil Thomas