Schools and Work

It has been reported recently that John Cridland, the Director-General of the CBI feels that “this generation [of young people] is the most streetwise there has ever been …. so how can they be the least ready for the world of work?”

Well said, Mr Cridland!

The CBI indicates that when recruiting, businesses look at attitudes to work, character and aptitudes for work as being the most important things.

The Times summed it up in its heading to its article on the relevant CBI position paper (which has called for a new approach in schools and work experience) as “Teach team spirit, character and the meaning of work, business urges”.

Well, at Falconbury, we would say that and a whole lot more. We consider there to be a woeful lack of preparation at school for the eventual world of work. Even leaving aside the disgraceful failure to deal with the vocational as well as academic development of our young people, there is a silly failure to expose particularly 16-18 year olds, to learning about business and the skills needed to succeed in work.

It was to meet this that Falconbury has been pioneering the concept of The Sixth Form MBA. It would urge the CBI, schools, the government and sixth-formers themselves to rush and get hold of a copy and agitate to have it introduced as part of the curriculum.

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Published on Aug 10, 2014 by Neil Thomas