Business Education

The Sunday Times (09.02.14) had an article on why “Companies that cut training during the financial crisis have realised it was a false economy”

Well, I would agree with that wouldn’t I?

But, as a veteran of several recessions (of which the latest was the worst by far) and having been involved in training through all of them over the past thirty plus years, it has been interesting to see that firms that rely on a reduced level of staff, also expect a lot more out of the people they retain. Increasingly too, individuals, recognising job vulnerability and insecurity, can see that they have to manage their own careers and development.

For these reasons, added to the complexity of jobs and work requirements, skills improvement is back on the agenda as being a key ingredient of improving profitability.

There is also a growing realisation that short training programmes that focus on the applications of skills rather than academic courses are the way ahead.

Developing people is key and whether that is through face-to-face training, on-the-job, or online, then all businesses and individuals owe it to themselves to get down to business in terms of business education.

And that means looking at our website………..

Published on Feb 18, 2014 by Neil Thomas