Training People Makes Sense

Look, it is not just us that believe that the development of a company’s people is crucial to the development and high performance of its business.

Even Google (facing threats from Facebook and Twitter) knew that training and leadership programmes would boost employee performance and help to gain competitive advantage. Yes, even the internet gurus don’t just fly by the seat of their baggy pants!

Great organisations, according to Robert Kaplan of Harvard “attract, retain and develop people”.

Quoted in the Sunday Times, from his new book, Kaplan’s message is that “if the leaders of an organisation are skilled in recognising the value of continuous learning and development, not only are they more likely to retain key talent, but they will become better leaders and build a stronger business”.

So, if Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin improved their company’s performance by investing in staff training, don’t you think that you should be doing the same? It goes further too: train others, yes, but also don’t forget to get training for yourself, whatever level you are at!

It doesn’t just make sense, it makes dollars!!!

And, of course, Falconbury can help!

Published on May 03, 2013 by Neil Thomas