Thatcher and Leadership – The Respect v Popularity?

The recent death of Margaret Thatcher has provoked an equal measure of respect and disdain for her leadership qualities. On one hand her supporters see her as a giant amongst leaders – strong on conviction and belief and unwavering in her ability to overcome detractors and people who resisted her. Equally there are many fierce critics who saw her us utterly dogmatic, ruthless and dispassionate.

In many ways she is the antithesis of today’s leaders, as with Margaret Thatcher you knew exactly what you were going to get. As a leader she clearly had very strong convictions and beliefs that did not waiver on the winds of the latest opinion poll or media backlash. Many of her strongest and most vociferous critics have said that they respected her strength of conviction, if not the actual outcomes.

Margaret Thatcher has proved as controversial in her death as during her premiership and yet again her passing poses that eternal leadership question?

As a leader would you prefer to be viewed as popular or respected?


By Mark Thomas, Leadership Guru and expert Falconbury presenter

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Published on Apr 15, 2013 by Martin Thomas