Whatever happened to Leadership?

Looking around the world today it is easy to ask whatever happened to the concept of Leadership. Whether it be politicians promising one thing and doing another or simply inflating their expenses – Ok I know they are politicians and we should not be surprised. But if we reflect across the entire social spectrum be it from newspapers and media, police, food retailers, armed services, the Church and healthcare it is hard not to conclude that something has gone seriously wrong with the quality of our leaders. I recently read one survey that suggested only 18% of people trust business leaders whilst the figure was 13% for politicians.

Whilst organisations spend small fortunes developing lofty concepts like Value Based and Agile Leadership it seems too many leaders fall drastically short on the fundamental question- Did you or did you not know what you were doing was wrong? Whilst recognizing we are all human and fallible todays constant succession of failed leadership stories prompts me to ask – Could we have a better quality of leader please!

Mark Thomas, Leadership Guru and expert Falconbury presenter

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Mark writes and presenter regularly on leadership skills. We recommended his publication Gurus on Leadership for your personal development.

Published on Apr 04, 2013 by Mark Thomas