'Feeding the Beast- It’s appetite is endless!' – The challenge for today’s professionals and managers

A challenge for all managers and professionals is to think about how they are “Feeding the Beast. By that I typically mean the 250 emails we receive each day and the endless telephone calls and meetings we have to attend. The fact is that we all time poor in today’s 24/7 world. The effect is all too often to lose sight of the issues that are really important. Most managers I work with agree that e.mail is slowly grinding their businesses to a halt – that people are copying everyone and sometimes they are doing it when they sit opposite each other. Crazy! But that is what happens when you devote yourself to “Feeding the Beast.”

“Feeding the Beast”– stops us thinking about the important things like customers and innovation, and market transitions and strategy. Too often we are forced into behaviours that are rooted in “don’t think don’t plan just do it!” We have very little time to step back and think about the bigger picture both for our careers and organisations. We end up confusing being extremely busy with being effective. The important issues are left to wait whilst we endlessly chase our tails with a lot of stuff that simply does not matter.

On our highly successful 5-day Executive ‘Mini-MBA we help all kinds of professionals and managers find time to reflect more on the bigger issues – to take some quality time away from Feeding the Beast and think about where their careers and businesses are heading.

Why not join us for some quality thinking time.

Mark Thomas the Falconbury HR Guru!

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Published on Mar 22, 2013 by Mark Thomas