Knowing and Understanding Your Personal Brand!

A key to your Personal Success in today’s world

If you say to most people BMW they will immediately say “quality, expensive, German, sporty and design”. In contrast the word Kia will frequently result in the following associations “cheap, value for money, Korean, improving”. Just as companies have brands so do all of us who work in the corporate world. On our Developing Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills we help executives to think about and define their Brands. We enable people to reflect on how they see their own Brand Features – normally your background, skills and expertise – and in turn your Brand Benefits – what you deliver for a business or employer.

Experience tells us that for many people thinking about the fact that they have a Brand is both challenging and rewarding– most people don’t realise they have a Brand. But getting people to reflect on their Brand can be extremely helpful in developing their capabilities at work. We help show that most people consume our brand through everyday inter-actions. From every e.mail, telephone call and meeting, colleagues formulate a view of your Brand and over time that Brand becomes part of you.

The question for many of us is to recognize that there is the challenge of “what I think I am communicating as a Brand!” and “what my colleagues actually perceive my Brand to be!”. Our Programme helps provide people with real and deep insight into their Brands as seen by others.

So think about what memories do you leave your colleagues with after a meeting or phone call? Remember you are showing your Brand at work.

Mark Thomas

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Published on Mar 15, 2013 by Mark Thomas