Falconbury supports Saracens

In what must be one of our most interesting developments, Falconbury has been working with Dr David Priestley, Head of Psychology and Personal Development at Saracens RFC.

Our online learning courses (see the website for more enticing details, yes really!!!) fit perfectly with Saracens and their aim of preparing their players for life after sport, when they no longer play full-time professional rugby.

David Priestley is quite a remarkable guy, who has played a significant role in creating the terrific team spirit at Saracens Rugby. This can be seen on the playing field. It can be felt at the training ground.

Saracens takes a ‘hearts and minds’ approach to developing its players. Key to this is David Priestley who is responsible for the personal development of players as well as for their psychological well-being and he plays a part in how the team is motivated to win.

Part of this is to ensure that each player develops the life skills that will enable a successful transition from being a full-time sports player to a career in the wider commercial world.

It is felt that it all helps players improve their mind-set: they worry less about what might happen to them when their playing careers end and this helps them concentrate on playing their rugby. It also helps them develop skills which give them confidence in themselves as well as their futures and this can only help them and the team to continue its winning ways.

All winning teams, all successful businesses and all fulfilled individuals must first have the ‘heartbeat’ and the will to win, but for winning to continue, there must be a ‘mindbeat’ too, that can deal with success, failure and all that life throws up. It is that ‘mindbeat’, as I call it, which gives individuals the ability to perform well not only on the field of sport, but also in any other chosen field of endeavour. The ‘mindbeat’ comes from David Priestley who has seen that it can be further strengthened for players and other staff at Saracens by them having flexible access to Falconbury’s online courses which will develop their business skills.

Falconbury’s online courses focus on practical-based modules in particular subject areas, build knowledge, boost confidence and provide insights into how various roles operate in the business world.

It is a kind of ‘from training to management training’ or a ‘play as you learn’ scheme. Other professional sports clubs and players, take note and ask yourselves ‘shouldn’t we be doing the same?”

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by Neil Thomas