Fresh start – back to business!

It is the first week of September and, with school and colleges going back, there can be no more excuses from the rest of us for not getting back to work. And with a vengeance!

The recession might not have disappeared whilst we buried our heads in the sand, but we can no longer laze around and attempt to sleep our way through it either.

After all, even the coalition is reshuffling the pack of ministers to try and get a fresh bite at growth. With George Osborne talking about kick-starting the economy through house-building, we can see that the government is, at last, trying to tell us all to go on the attack to get us back on the road to recovery.

For some, September represents a new term and maybe we could all do with using our recharged batteries after the holidays to see this time of year as a chance to get working on boosting the year-end and laying proper plans for activity over the next eighteen months.

In some ways it is better than looking at things in calendar years and putting off decisions, taking the view that we’ll attempt to get going in 2013. No! Try to see September as the time for making a fresh start earlier – better than leaving it until next year and, in the process, stealing a march (no pun intended!) on it.

Let’s all get going in our commercial activities now and sow the seeds for growth.

Neil Thomas

Published on Sep 05, 2012 by Neil Thomas