Tour de France - tour de force!

I don’t really look at possible business applications in all things. However, it is not difficult to see that the achievements of Team Sky and its success in the Tour de France have clear messages for all businesses.

A leading article in The Times cited the method that lay behind the success as the direct cause of that success and pointed to the Principal, Dave Brailsford as the architect of it.

Simply put and simply applicable to all business (including this writer’s own), the method is to “scrutinise every conceivable variable involved …. and then find ways of increasing” performance. Brailsford calls it “the aggregation of marginal gains”.

It is a method that doesn’t just apply to a sport where even an extra layer of paint on a bike chasis can make a difference. It has clearly worked for Team Sky and Bradley Wiggins. Now try and make it work for your business.

Say it again – “the aggregation of marginal gains”.

Sounds better than business process re-engineering, or performance improvement, or cost control or all the other process review terms.

It is worth adopting as the business mantra of 2012 – once again and all together – “the aggregation of marginal gains”.

Neil Thomas
24th July 2012

Published on Jul 24, 2012 by Neil Thomas