MBA - The Shorter Way- New 2nd Edition

You do not have to move very far in the business world to come up against the three letters MBA. You will meet people who want one, those who have them and others who think them over-rated. One thing is sure – that there are more people without an MBA than there are with an MBA.

Part of the problem is that for most, the option of doing a full-time MBA course at a business school is prohibitively expensive and, in terms of time commitment (away from work), totally unfeasible.

However, thanks to Falconbury and the people behind it (who incidentally pioneered the concept of a mini-mba), you can now enjoy a new 2nd edition of the classic management publication The Shorter MBA.

In a very short time you can enhance your management skills, increasing and refining your practical grasp of strategy, finance, marketing, people and self-management skills in the process.

What some MBA books do is concentrate on the academic elements, but this book includes enough of that whilst concentrating on taking a practical approach to those key business skills that an individual needs in order to be successful.

Neil Thomas

Published on Apr 30, 2012 by Neil Thomas