Company Growth – yes, even now!

The economic problem we face at the moment is lack of growth. Governments seem unable to stimulate it in the face of the psychological fear in the minds of consumers and businesses. No country’s leader has come out and openly tried to persuade its citizens to behave normally and spend money. Many business leaders are in lock-down, survival mode and are postponing their investment decisions.

However, there are others who see this as a time of opportunity, a time to sharpen their corporate strategy and start making a few things happen.

Curiously, therefore, there is growing evidence of an increase in activity in the corporate acquisition market: companies looking for safer growth are eyeing target companies to see if they can do a deal at a good price. Adding a business is a quicker way of building your own business, especially now.

Correspondingly, business owners can take advantage of a fairly favourable tax regime and be confident about getting a good price for disposing of their business, despite the recessionary pressures. After all, if they have a business with a reasonable track record that has survived, then it is a business with attractive value to the owner and to the buyer.

Falconbury has, therefore, developed two new programmes in this Corporate Strategy area, with the first one giving an up-to-date analysis and appraisal of current techniques in Corporate Acquisitions and Disposals. A separate and new programme looks more closely at the role Due Diligence plays in successful acquisitions and disposals. Both programmes will appeal equally to buyers and sellers – it will help them refine their corporate strategy and help turn it into commercial success.

With our new website, take a look at the programmes themselves to see why they will be commercial gold to senior directors and their advisors.

Whilst looking at our Corporate Strategy portfolio, you will notice a revamped programme aimed at the Company Secretary. Why is this linked with Corporate Strategy? Quite simply, there is no area of a company’s activities where there is not a Company Secretarial angle and companies must make sure that this is addressed at all times in formulating and implementing their corporate strategy. Whether it is in sales and marketing (eg the ramifications of new Bribery Act) or in corporate governance, then the Company Secretary is the go-to figure and must be up-to-date and ready to make the right responses and decisions. This programme is the highly-praised way to ensure success in this area.

Basically, I am saying “take a look at Corporate Strategy on our website; at the courses and publications which will support your intentions to grow your business on a sound commercial basis in tricky economic circumstances.”

Published on Feb 16, 2012 by Neil Thomas