Welcome to Falconbury’s training and learning hub

Steve Jobs took the personal computer and, as he described it, turned it into a ‘digital hub’. By this he meant that it would co-ordinate a variety of devices, from music players to video recorders to cameras to manage your music, pictures, video, text and all aspects of your ‘digital lifestyle’.

In a more modest way, Falconbury has, through its new website, created a training and learning hub’!

This can be used to explore, sample and buy all of its products and services from face to face training, through public and in-company courses, through online and distance learning, through coaching/mentoring and on to electronic and traditional published materials.

Falconbury is turning training and learning into an ‘all gain, no pain’ pursuit of excellence in concepts and delivery.

Individuals can try, before they buy, the state-of-the-art online learning products. They can join the membership scheme to enjoy financial and other benefits on all of its products. They can see in detail the nature and range of the public courses that they can attend, as well as look at the in-house options that can be provided. They can see the full range of the group’s publishing product (through its subsidiary, Thorogood) and its design services.

This new website will provide a better experience for all its users: for its clients, customers and members as well as for its suppliers, speakers and authors.

We hope you like the new website!

Falconbury Team

Published on Feb 06, 2012 by Neil Thomas