Have Skills, Will Travel

Have Skills, Will Travel

In a recent poll by Badenoch and Clark (recruitment consultants), approaching 50% of public sector staff in the survey responded that they felt they lacked the commercial and leadership skills to find work in the private sector.

This is actually a sad indictment of the training given in the public sector. Worse, it dramatically illustrates that the public sector is not being run on commercial lines.

What are the remedies for this? Quite simply, an overhaul of personal development and training within the public sector is long overdue. But some of the same fears are also present in employees in the private sector too and for the same reasons.

This lack of confidence in finding, keeping, or changing jobs should propel all individuals, firms and departments towards securing a personal development plan for one and all. And, for the avoidance of doubt, each plan should focus on the acquisition of the personal and commercial skills that gives each person:

- the knowledge to do their jobs better
- the commercial awareness to perform efficiently and effectively
- portable skills which they can take with them from job to job, whether inside or outside of their current organisation.

Can I think of any organisation that can do that?

Why yes, of course I can – Falconbury’s public, in-house and distance learning courses are bang on the money. Individuals should use them to build their skills so that they can be confident that they will be in demand not only with their current, but also to any prospective, employer.

Neil Thomas

Published on Jun 13, 2011 by Neil Thomas