Coalition – End of first year Report

Coalition – End of first year Report

When I read this week in The Times about the recent Populus Poll on the performance of the political leaders (taken to coincide with the first complete year of the coalition government), I was struck by how well the criteria might work if you applied them to bosses in everyday life.

I delved further online and was intrigued by the full list of ‘test’ words on which the poll was constructed – and considered them not a bad list to use on anyone in managerial authority.

As applied to Clegg, Cameron and Miliband the three key words/phrases selected by the voters polled, that most closely described their view of the leaders, were as follows:

Clegg – ‘out of his depth’, ‘weak’, ‘out of touch’
Cameron – ‘determined’, ‘smug’, ‘arrogant’
Miliband – ‘out of his depth’, weak’ and then a close call between ‘out of touch’, ‘smug’ and ‘weird’.

So then, just what were the words offered to the poll respondents to describe the leaders? With a few changes indicated in brackets these words/phrases could be used to test your boss:

Stands up for Britain/(the Company)
Out of touch
Doesn’t Listen
Out of his/(her) depth
Shares my values
Down to earth
On my side

You can have some fun seeing which of the above most apply to your own boss(es).

But be warned, he or she could be doing the same test on you!!

Neil Thomas

Published on May 13, 2011 by Neil Thomas