This is a very proud moment for me. We have blended the skills of Falconbury and Thorogood Publishing through the alchemy of our fantastic IT team to create online learning at its best, through falconburyonline.com.

For a while, Falconbury has been earning plaudits for its distance learning offerings, which have set new standards of excellence. Now the experience offered to participants has got even better.

We have chosen to launch our online e-learning products with our Performance Improvement Courses. Not only are we shaking up the whole area of Performance Improvement through our ten specially shaped single-module courses in key skills areas, but we are also offering them in state-of-the-art formats.

We know that people and the firms they work for want full flexibility in training. We know that they prefer the practical approach to particular subjects. We know that the aim is to improve individual knowledge that can beneficially impact on commercial performance – we know that skills pay the bills for employees and employers alike. We know that individuals need to keep their cv impressive and their employability assured.

What better way of meeting these objectives than through Falconbury’s e-learning courses? Each course is easy to access, easy to follow and easy to assess in terms of progress achieved.

Whole teams can be offered the courses and tracking individual progress is as straightforward for trainers or managers as it is for participants.

We know that whether used as stand-alone courses, or when coupled with face-to-face training courses of the highest order or with our in-house training capability, Falconbury can help to soup up the skills and performance of a business and its people.

Watch the Falconbury website for news, further developments and special offers. Training does not get better than this!

Published on Mar 08, 2011 by Neil Thomas