China Feed and Feed Additive Regulations and Regulatory Requirements

China's livestock and animal husbandry market is vast. Concurrently, pet ownership is increasing, leading to a rising demand for pet feeding products. However, China has specific data requirements and timelines for feed and feed additive registration, and registrants must navigate regulatory challenges.

Competent Authority

  • MARA oversees the market access for feed and feed additive products.
  • GACC is responsible for the import access of imported feed and feed additive products.

Basic Requirements

  • China manages feed and feed additives through catalog management, involving multiple catalogs.
  • Overseas enterprises must first complete MARA product registration. products not listed in the approved catalog are considered new feeds or feed additives. The data requirements for registering products with all components listed in the catalog are significantly lower than for new feeds or feed additives.
  • Subsequently, applicants need to apply to join GACC's permitted import catalog.
  • Therefore, the first step in registering feed and feed additives in China is to search the relevant catalogs.

Registration Requirements for Legal Entities

  • For feed additive registration in China, applicants should typically be production companies or their affiliated group companies.
  • Overseas companies cannot sell feed or feed additive products directly in China and must sell them through Chinese subsidiaries or local agents. 
  • For imported feed/feed additives, overseas registrants must appoint a local registration agent for submission.

Recognition of Overseas Data

  • China requires that products from overseas companies must be approved for marketing in their country of origin.
  • For products with all components listed in the catalog, overseas registration dossier generally meets Chinese registration requirements.
  • For new feed or feed additives, testing in in China is usually required.

Considerations for Overseas Companies

  • Foreign companies should select promising varieties in China and enter the market swiftly.
  • Numerous factors influence market access in China.

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Published on Jun 06, 2024 by Angela Spall