Strategic Leadership – a quick revision course for key executives.

Always happy to help, I offer the following analysis from David Petraeus – the former CIA Director and US military general – who was being interviewed about the war in Ukraine in the 16th April 2022 issue of The Spectator.

He identified four tasks of strategic leadership as follows:

  1. getting the overarching big ideas right;
  2. communicating the big ideas effectively
  3. overseeing the implementation of the big ideas relentlessly; and
  4. determining how to refine the big ideas again and again.

In his assessment, President Zelensky, described as being positively Churchillian, has performed each of the above tasks brilliantly throughout Ukraine and around the world.

Compare and contrast with the leadership ‘skills’ being shown in UK government, or, say, at the top of P&O. Need I go on?

How do you match up?

Published on Apr 19, 2022 by Neil Thomas