The medium and the message

Students of marketing will be familiar with the phrase, the medium is the message, but I’d like to deconstruct that for the purposes of announcing the IPI Academy’s collaboration with the FutureWork Forum.

In this enterprise, we have struck a strategic alliance – the IPI Academy is the medium in this case, and the message comes from our partners in the venture, the global think tank, the FutureWork Forum.

We at IPI are lucky to be able to cherry-pick which organisations we want to work with and, top of our list, and therefore launching an exciting series of presentations that will confront today’s leading business challenges, is the FutureWork Forum.

The message being delivered in each event will be thought-provoking and rooted in the wide experience of its presenters from the FutureWork Forum. They will share their work and experience across the future world of work and focus on the key leadership and organisational challenges.

The medium will be the IPI Academy, who will proudly present the first fruits of this collaboration on 14th October 2021 at 1400 GMT. Details can be found here.

We hope that senior executives around the world will join us – on this and future occasions – as they endeavour to formulate business plans and strategies that can be robust enough to withstand future economic pressures.

Basically, the collaboration between the IPI Academy and FutureWork Forum is an invitation to pick the brains and know-how of leading experts. Your business can only benefit from this process. What’s not to like?

Published on Sep 28, 2021 by Neil Thomas