A Personal MOT?

We actually look after our car better than we look after ourselves. Discuss.

Barrie Pearson and I – only slightly tongue-in-cheek – included in our recently republished book, Life-coach yourself to success*, an MOT form for self-completion. The idea behind it was simply that individuals should take a good look at themselves from time to time, and even consider doing a basic annual check-up.

Here, in summary, is what we styled A Personal MOT:

  1. Age
  2. Date of last ‘test’ – when did you last think carefully about your life and plans?
  3. Engine Size and condition – is your brain regularly stimulated and tuned up at work and/or play and is your mental health good?
  4. Bodywork – do you exercise regularly or have you let yourself go?
  5. Capital Value – do you know the value on the open market of both your salary/earnings AND your net assets
  6. Brakes – what, if anything is holding you back and preventing you from realising your goals (and on the other hand, do you have the mechanism to stop yourself getting into bad habits eg with drink, drugs, smoking and gambling)?
  7. Optional extras – do you have valuable skills or are you a bog-standard worker with no extras?
  8. Steering and navigation system – are you driving the machine and do you know where you’re going?
  9. What essential repairs are needed to make you truly roadworthy – list what you need to do (and include skills development and goal setting)?

I think you get the idea, even without going into exhaustive detail!

In other words, we should all get into the habit of self-assessing what improvements we should be considering in our business and personal lives, periodically addressing areas of concern.

Continuous self improvement in any identified area and a constant refinement of personals skills will make sure your life at home and in your work develops the way you want it to.

Don’t treat your car better than you treat yourself.

*available from Amazon

Published on Jul 13, 2021 by Neil Thomas