Personal Development

I have always been struck by how few people have any kind of planning approach to themselves – to see their personal development as an ongoing project to be worked at.

If philosophy boils down to the practical attempt to live a better life, then our personal development needs continuous attention.

When I met Barrie Pearson, many years ago, we bonded over a shared belief that individuals should focus on getting the best out of themselves, both personally and professionally, in their non-work as well as their work lives.

To that end, we collaborated on Life Coach Yourself to Success (see link below) a book that has recently been published in a new edition.

In its introduction we state;

‘We all take ourselves for granted. We make plans for other people. We solve their problems. We make profits for them. We think strategically at work and not at home. We build businesses for our companies and not for ourselves. We know the value of our house and we know the rate of return on money we invest, yet we do not put a value on ourselves as individuals or as income-producers. This book will put a stop to this.’

The focus in the book is how you can assess and enhance the skills and attributes you need to make a success of life both personally and in business. We state that ‘You can be the best business you will ever get to manage, but only if you take stock of yourself and act to exploit your skills, interests and personality.’

To have a rewarding life at home and at work (working for others or working for yourself) you need to address key areas of your personal development, remembering that, to parody Lennon and McCartney, ‘the success you take is equal to the plans you make.’

Published on Jun 18, 2021 by Neil Thomas