Maxim…ise! - A ‘Thinking Time’ Aide Memoire

One of the biggest challenges in today’s fast changing business world is the opportunity to think and reflect. We often run our lives by the clock rather than the compass and so can easily miss important longer-term goals and opportunities. Whilst the pandemic has resulted in many of us re-evaluating our priorities and future plans, we all know that we can easily fall back into old behaviours and ways of working. Individual change is never an easy process.

With the enormous challenge of the ‘new normal’ still to be mapped out, managers and leaders need some space to mull over future developments, innovations and opportunities. Our carefully curated book of quotes and maxims is aimed at providing a source of gentle reflection and inspiration; involving some of the key challenges facing leaders and organisations in a post pandemic world. Highlighting contemporary themes such as the Known & Unknown, Purpose, Resilience & Agility, Maxim…ise! is intended to provide an easy and enduring prompt to leadership thought and discussion. Use it to reflect on your own future challenges as a leader or as a small gift to accompany an important team meeting or conference.

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Published on May 11, 2021 by Mark Thomas & Ian Pincombe