The International Training Model

Even before the pandemic, Management Forum were known for offering industry-led training courses on a global scale, hosting in-house training in countries such as Finland, Sudan and the United States.

Due to our connections with global speakers, we were able to arrange for in-house training to be held at a business’s office-space, or a relevant venue, almost anywhere around the world. Our in-house team would then be at hand during the training course to ensure that things ran smoothly – this included sending over any relevant training material, being on-call to answer any questions and organising post-training surveys with the attendees to ensure they received the expected benefits from the course.

Due to our relationships with highly sought out public speakers, we often had individual attendees that would travel into the UK to attend training courses that would benefit their role that may not have been available where they were based.

Since the Pandemic

Although the pandemic has caused many negatives for businesses across the world, it has allowed for the online training model to grow immensely and offer educational opportunities for businesses that would have previously been unable to benefit from this resource due to time or budget restraints.

Since moving our training courses online, we have seen a massive incline in international attendees to our courses, as they no longer have to factor in travel and accommodation expenses. Our delegate lists now include participants from USA, Asia, the Middle East, and large number of African and Scandinavian countries as well as Europe and the UK.

The Benefits of Online International Training

Perspective: When an interactive training course hosts people from a number of different cultural and economic backgrounds, it offers a variety of viewpoints on how regulations and workplaces differ between countries, giving valuable insight for those that undergo business abroad.

Connections: Many of our courses aren’t just about the training element, but also about making connections with those that work in a similar field to yourself. Attending an international training course gives you the opportunities to build relations with key people from around the world.

More available speakers: Prior to moving our training courses online, obtaining the best presenter for a course was dependant on their location or willingness to travel. Since the move to a digital platform, Management Forum have had access to a larger pool of industry professionals. This ensures that our country specific courses, such as the regulatory affairs in Africa, China, Middle East, Asia and Russia, are presented by the best industry leaders that have worked within these environments.

Life After the Pandemic

As the world slowly starts to reopen thanks to the mass release of the COVID vaccine, we’re seeing some business return to their office spaces, whilst many have continued to embrace the flexibility of remote working.

With the working environment set to become more versatile in the future, Management Forum will be embracing a blended approach to our training models, developing face-to-face, self-paced and online course options. This way we will be able to offer training that suits the availability and budget of our customers across the world, continuing with the international engagement that this remote learning model has allowed us to do.

Published on Mar 24, 2021 by Lauren Fowles