HR jobs of the future

A report came out earlier this year entitled 21 HR Jobs of the Future (Cognizant) and it then featured in the Harvard Business Review in a snazzy graph, which had dates from 2020 to 2050 as the horizontal axis and ‘Level of tech-centricity’ as the vertical one from Low to High. The predicted roles were peppered across the different quadrants.

I thought it would be interesting simply to list the job titles expected to feature in HR departments just to give you a flavour of the future. Here goes:

  • Strategic HR business continuity director
  • Chatbot and human facilitator
  • Genetic diversity officer
  • VR (Virtual Reality) immersion counsellor
  • HR data detective
  • Algorithm bias auditor
  • Human bias auditor
  • Human network analyst
  • Workplace environment architect
  • WFH (Working from Home) facilitator
  • Future of work leader
  • Climate change response leader
  • Second act coach
  • Gig economy manager
  • Human-machine teaming manager
  • University4Life coordinator
  • Distraction prevention coach
  • Chief purpose planner
  • Employee enablement coach
  • Head of business behaviour
  • Director of wellbeing

One of the VPs of Cognizant’s US Center for the Future of Work stated, ‘There are five core themes across HR’s jobs of the future: Individual and organisational resilience, organisational trust and safety, creativity and innovation, data literacy, and human-machine partnerships.’

I offer no comment on all this, other than to say that I would expect the Director of wellbeing to have a tough job.

Published on Dec 16, 2020 by Neil Thomas