Performance Improvement – ‘Nice ‘n Easy Does It’

Performance Improvement is, at its simplest, a short-hand way of referring to the link between what people do and what a business achieves.

There are all sorts of fancy companies, particularly in the States, that dress this all up with carefully worded concepts, methodology and quasi-scientific means of measuring the pre and post results achieved. (There is a good summary of it all on Wikipedia – and a clear exposition of how complexity clouds the issues and again illustrates how paralysis by analysis can set in before you even start).

Whatever the processes involved, it comes down to trying to improve commercial performance by improving what people do in a business.

At Falconbury, we have been looking at how we can help in a practical way to do just that, with the minimum of complication and cost, and the maximum of impact on results.

The inspiration was simply that performance improvement comes from people in jobs, so let’s look at a key range of skills and make sure that individuals can be inspired, tutored, mentored, coached, or, put simply, trained in each area to ‘soup up’ their performance at work.

You heard it here first: watch out in the Autumn for our Performance Improvement Courses (PIC) where you will be able to ‘Take Your PIC’ from a range of straightforward, single module distance learning modules that will improve the performance of you or members of your team as well as the business you all work in.

The focus is on the individual – that is because in Performance Improvement, no matter the size of the organisation, it comes down to improving what each person is capable of doing and what they actually do. Focus on the Person. Train for Improvement. Add up the Results. It makes sense doesn’t it? A lot more sense than Performance Improvement companies often do.

Published on Aug 08, 2010 by Neil Thomas