When the going gets tough… part 2

The social and economic consequences of COVID-19 are presenting businesses with huge challenges and that is why Falconbury Ltd and Management Forum Ltd are presenting a new, snappily entitled webinar programme: Re-energising your business and financial resilience out of the COVID-19 crisis.

How well do you think your company or your particular part of its business is adapting to the challenges faced?

Denied the chance to benchmark – through open sources – your own business’s commercial, financial and human resource response and performance against your competitors’ reactions, you might feel that you are operating in the dark, or flying blind.

This is where the dream team of Mark Thomas and Georges Fildes, with their wealth of experience working with a great many companies across key industry sectors, can, and will, provide an invaluable resource.

You could not be in better company as you seek to wrestle with the fundamental issues your business faces and as you try to put in place the strategies that can re-position and re-boot your business model.

In this practical, results-driven programme, you will be guided in how best to analyse and re-focus your priorities in the organisational, financial, customer and structural dimensions as well as in ways to examine the people and leadership aspects that can lead to success.

The stated aim of the presenters is to give you ‘To Do’ actions that you can implement.

In these testing times, instead of shaking that business compass of yours as if it is broken and useless, why not participate in this webinar so that you can reset that commercial compass and head off in the right direction.


Published on Oct 21, 2020 by Neil Thomas