The ability to adapt

As we contemplate our Autumn 2020 training programmes, we know very well – as you all do – that being prepared to face constant challenges requires an open mind, a creative response to change, and a skills set that includes expertise in the latest advances in your area of endeavour.

Companies are being urged left, right and centre (basically everywhere in the media) to ensure that they look after their ‘talent’, because we all know that it’s the people in a business that make it what it is.

‘Future-proofing careers through learning’, ‘Understanding the keys to re-skilling’ and ‘Why future workers will crave Learning and Development’ are just three recent articles I’ve read that stress the importance both to the individual and to the business of making sure we continuously refine the performance capabilities of one and all. And chiefly, ourselves!

The test over the next few years will be how sure-footed we are in combining an outstanding ability to adapt to constant change, with the laser focus needed to identify and solve the many problems that come with running our businesses in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in.

To this end, our courses are designed to give practical, expert guidance on topics of key relevance to the tasks at hand, and you should feel confident that our speakers can deliver invaluable content that will enhance the contribution that participants can make to companies, to make sure they will thrive in the years ahead.

Published on Aug 11, 2020 by Neil Thomas