I surprised myself recently when I realised that I first came up with the idea of doing a 5-Day MBA, twenty-five years or so ago.

In that time, we have refined the concept and applied it to different industry/professional sectors and to different types of jobs – we have called that process sectorisation and ‘joberisation’; ugly words to describe ground-breaking courses and concepts.

Falconbury have consistently led the way with their pioneering Mini-MBAs. Countless thousands have benefited from our practical approach and have gained or refined their business skills so that they can acquire the skills that high performing managers and leaders need.

We have also developed a distance learning Mini-MBA and this too has been enthusiastically welcomed in our markets and by our customers.

To see how far we have come in the past twenty-five years, please take a look at our current portfolio of Mini-MBA courses – I’d be surprised if you did not find something to suit you or your colleagues. And remember, the whole concept of these Mini-MBAs rests on the simple notion that it is not always possible or desirable to take too much time out to undertake training – what we often need is a concentrated period of time when we can focus on distilled wisdom, in a condensed form, where the emphasis is on the practical application of skills and techniques. Mini-MBAs can have Maxi-Benefits on you, your career and your business.

Published on Jul 09, 2010 by Neil Thomas