You in Your Small Corner and I in Mine

We must all do our bit to reduce damage to the environment. It behoves (great word, that) us to do so.

Leaving aside what we, as individuals can do to change our own personal behaviours, habits and domestic routines and priorities, we each need to ensure that the businesses we work in pursue sensible practices and processes.

I think that companies are getting better at reflecting our personal concerns about the environment and examining why and how they do certain things that have an impact on the world around us.

For some time, for example, the printing companies that we are associated with – because of the products and services we market – have prided themselves on the use of ethically and sustainably sourced paper.

We have gone further in recent years to reduce the amount of paper that we use by changing the emphasis in our marketing to move away from direct mail of printed materials and push further ahead our use of digital marketing. Not only does this reduce our environmental footprint, it also fits customer preference and benefits our marketing cost.

Strolling around the City of London and seeing the lights and air-conditioning left on 24 hours, there is still a simple level of profligacy to contend with, so each of us should try and ensure that we, ourselves at home and at work, try and ensure where we live and where we work are both environmentally friendlier places.

The marketing team at Falconbury, Management Forum and Thorogood Publishing are making this small contribution:

As a business we are committed to doing our part to protect our environment. As part of our marketing strategy, we have significantly reduced the number of brochures we are printing and mailing, and over the past four years we have decreased our mailing numbers by 57.5% – a trend that we plan to continue going forward.


We will continue to source and ensure that we only use recycled paper, as well as continually reviewing our company policies and processes to embrace the environmental revolution!

Published on Oct 07, 2019 by Neil Thomas