HR – find your voice

Many managers still hold a traditional view of HR as the “Personnel Department” who manages the administration of people, despite many attempts to raise the profile and numerous changes of job title.

Perhaps this is because as a profession we still don’t champion our own value. Having met and discussed this topic with hundreds of attendees at our programmes the stories of managers only thinking of HR as the “fix it” department – the place to go when things go wrong or the hiring administrators when someone resigns still perpetuate. This view is often reinforced through the lack of status afforded to HR contributors at Operational and Management meetings – finding our place on the agenda squeezed at the end, just before any other business or close of play despite having oversight of the biggest item on the balance sheet.

How can we change this? One way is by raising our game in the way we report HR performance to the business. Let’s get away from running reports and presenting data, which is already too late to do anything about, historic sickness and absence data, to name just two. Let’s turn to proactive useful information which informs strategy, provides valuable information on challenges and how to overcome them.

The tactics for turning HR from Transactional to Trusted Advisor are the essence of the Role of the HR Advisor and Senior HR Manager programmes from Falconbury.

Published on May 28, 2019 by Jocelyn Hughes