Mental Health

The serious negative impact that stress and mental health has in schools, further education and the workplace is increasingly being recognised. Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 reflects society’s concerns.

Stating the obvious, what lies at the heart (or mind!) of such issues is the toll that mental health problems have on the individual.

In education and business, we need to address the pressure that is put on people to perform and to question how we are needlessly driving up stress. At the same time, we should examine how, personally, we can equip ourselves with techniques for handling the externally and internally generated anxieties of everyday life at home, at school, or in the workplace.

We need to be more aware of who we are, what makes us tick and to identify our own mental health issues, but equally importantly, we need to be aware of how we can best interact with our colleagues to our mutual advantage, being more open and honest in our communication, especially if we can see signs of struggle in ourselves or in others.

Our full range of employee wellbeing courses will help both you and your colleagues maintain a healthy work environment and balance.

We can’t work well with people, or as people, if we lack mental health awareness.

Published on May 17, 2019 by Neil Thomas