Power without responsibility

It is the basis of government, seemingly, that politicians in office can leave when they want to. They can resign with immediate effect and they’re off!

Equally, a politician can be summarily dismissed by the PM, just like that, and they’re on their bike with no recourse.

It is the basis of employment that you can’t do either of the above, without notice or justification.

For example, one minute a politician like David Cameron can say he’ll stay, whatever the result of his referendum and the next, he can flounce off without a care in the world for the consequences, leaving someone else to sort out the mess of his own creation.
Mrs May could, technically just throw in the towel at any moment and be out of the hot water she’s so deeply in at present. Some wonder why she doesn’t do just that whilst others might wish she would.

Imagine if a top executive could do that, just say, “I’m off” and, without giving any notice, go on a whim, or if a boss could remove a key member of staff for no reason at all, with no notice at all.

If this is no way to run a business, is it any way to run a country? Discuss….

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash

Published on Nov 21, 2018 by Neil Thomas